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Writing an essay can be difficult for many different reasons. Sometimes we have a hard time researching the topic while other times we are not sure how to express certain ideas. While these are problems that plague many students, when writing a college application essay, the problems can be quite different. Choosing what aspects about yourself best express to the admissions board who you are as a student and what you have to offer may seem like the difficult part, but expressing these things and keeping it brief at the same time is another obstacle all together.


College admissions boards go through thousands of applications each year, searching for students who they think will succeed at their university. Because of this large number of applications, the faster they can get through everything the easier it is for them. This is why it is important to keep your essays as brief and to the point as possible. You will want to cut out all of the extra information that isn’t pertinent to anything and leave only the stories and anecdotes that truly explain the points that you want to make. If you are trying to show how your high GPA in school indicates your likelihood of success, you should focus on why that is the case instead of spending time on other things.


Cutting out parts of a college application essay can be hard. There may be stories or ideas that will not make the cut that you once thought were important to include. Keeping your essay brief and to the point will help the admissions committee in quickly understanding who you are and why you will be a good student at their university. They will not be spending their time skimming your essay and eventually giving up because of how long it is. They will be able to see the main points quickly in order to help them better understand who you are as a person.