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Which schools to apply to

We will guide you in developing a comprehensive list of schools to apply to from all levels of quality, size, region, reputation, etc. We recommend applying to a wide variety of schools to ensure admission to as many as possible. This includes “long-shots”, more likely schools, and “safety schools.” Many colleges and universities request similar information from applicants, but some require information that others do not. We will help you ensure that you fully complete every application and that your application profile is strong and really stands out.


Personal Statements

A strong personal statement will not ensure admission and a very weak personal statement will not destroy an applicant’s chances. However, most applicants are somewhere in the middle in terms of profile so a strong personal statement can make an applicant rise above all the others. We will help you mold an essay that helps make this happen. This will take time and many rewrites. It requires a strong commitment from the applicant. Most (by far the majority) applicants who lack proper guidance write mediocre, unmemorable personal statements. This is unfortunate because this is the one piece of the application that can be improved over a relatively short period of time (unlike grades, course choices or extracurricular activities, for example).


Activity List

We will guide you in formulating a comprehensive activity list which highlights your strengths and makes you unique in some way. This requires a full accounting of all of an applicant’s activities. This means not just school activities, but activities which an applicant has been committed to pursuing possibly outside of school and which an applicant has great passion for. Once an applicant provides an initial activity list we will go over it with you closely to strengthen it as well as make it tight and concise.



Teacher recommendations can make an applicant memorable for an admissions officer. Conversely, mediocre recommendations do little to help or hurt applicant. Much like personal statements, most recommendation letters are bland and noncommittal. This is immediately obvious to admissions officers. This is often because students do not select the teachers that they really know well and that can speak about them in a personal way. We help you select which teachers to approach in order to obtain the strongest recommendation letters possible. We also guide you on how to develop relationships with teachers so they are willing and able to write the most powerful letters possible.


Strengthening the overall applicant profile

The strongest applicants are those with an overall strong application profile. We will guide you in all areas of your application. This includes, but is not limited to, such things as which SAT subject tests to take, which classes to choose in high school, how many and which APs to take, which extracurricular activities to choose to be involved with, which leadership opportunities to pursue, whether or not to take a summer trip or get a summer job, etc. We will sit down with you and guide and advise you in all of these areas. This requires getting to know every applicant individually and very well because every applicant is different. Every applicant has a diverse set of passions and strengths. We believe there is no one size fits all approach to applying to college. Harvest Academy excels in designing plans at every single stage for every single applicant. We can help you design a four year plan or a four month plan. Every college applicant can benefit from Harvest Academy’s assistance. Every college applicant’s profile can be improved in some way and in many cases in many ways.