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College Application Essay Tips

Tips for the College Transfer Essays


Applying to transfer into a college is a bit of a different process than applying to college right from high school, and this is important to keep in mind throughout the application process. When transferring into a college, the college already expects you to have a clearer idea of what it is you want to do, and they want to know that you’ve already taken steps towards that academic goal. Instead of simply introducing yourself, you’re also introducing what you foresee to be your contribution to the field that you want to work in. One of the most important questions to answer for yourself when applying to transfer into a college is why that specific college? If you don’t already have a well-developed answer to that question, you have to take a step backwards and conduct some research. Truly become familiar with the school that you want to attend, and take notes that will help you write your essay.

Know what major you’d like to be accepted into, know what the faculty is studying and working on, and learn what it is about that college that sets it apart from the rest. Once you honestly know why you want to attend that specific school over others that may be similar to it, then you can move on to writing your essay. You have to make sure you portray your reasoning clearly enough so that the admissions officers know that you’re taking your choices seriously. In a sense, a transfer application essay is a bit more serious than a normal application essay. Because there are less transfer applicants than there are first-time undergrads, the admissions officers are able to take more time to look into each individual applicant. The admissions officers want to see that you’ve thought a lot about what you want to do, and they want to know why in particular their school will help you achieve that goal. Since you already have a college background, it’s easier for them to see whether or not you’ll fit into their school, and what they can expect that you will contribute back to them.


Another difference between the transfer essay and the normal essay is that the transfer essay gives you an opportunity to really highlight how you’ve grown since high school and throughout your college experience so far. Like the normal first-timer application, you should be sure to paint a story of who you are as an individual. However, your story now will greatly differ than your story was after leaving high school, and it is those differences and experiences that should be emphasized in the essay. You can also use this essay to help explain any academic challenges you may have encountered, as long as you also show how you’ve conquered and moved past those challenges. An admissions officer will definitely appreciate and respect someone who demonstrates honesty, authenticity, and the capacity to take accountability for their own actions. Once again, it demonstrates your determination and that you’re truly taking your future and your path seriously.