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College Essays and Likability


One of the most important components that a student can get across in a college essay is likability. First, do not come across as unlikable. Because an unlikable student, no matter their perfect SAT scores and perfect grades in the most rigorous courses that their high school has to offer, will make it difficult to get into a highly selective school.


Admissions officers at highly selective colleges can easily find students with great grades and great scores. Admissions officers look for students they can get behind.
Far too many college applicants mistakenly brag about their accomplishments in their admissions essays. An example of a brag would be a student that says he or she came back from injury to be the leading goal scorer on his soccer team (this is also a cliche, which must also be completely avoided). Another example might be a student that became first chair violin or won a science research contest.


Accomplishments should not be included in college essays. Teachers can brag about students in letters of recommendation. However, students should not brag about themselves in their personal statements.


Again, students should not mention any achievements in their essays. It is unnecessary and comes across as trying too hard. This will make students unlikable for admissions officers. The opposite of what students want to achieve. Also avoid negativity like putting down a teacher or a classmate, or anyone for that matter. Negativity makes students unlikable.