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Activities do not belong in College Essays


School activities should not be included in personal statements for college admissions.

Many students feel the need to incorporate their activities in their college essays. This is a mistake. Activities have no place in a personal statement. In fact, the finest college essays have nothing to do with a student’s accomplishments. The finest college essays have nothing to do with the list of activities a student does after school. There is a place for this information in applications, but it is not in the personal statement.


Using activities in personal statements makes a student look like he or she is bragging or that the student is trying too hard to impress college admissions officers with what they do in their free time. Students want to come across as likable, not as arrogant.

Admissions officers support likable students. Admissions officers will not support students that are not likeable.

The finest college essays can often be described as being about “nothing”. Sometimes when you write about nothing you show insight into who you are and what you are about. Harvest Academy Counselors can help shape college admissions essays into powerful statements that persuade college admissions officers to support students because they are likeable.