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Staying Positive in Your Application Essay

Throughout college applicant’s pre-college career, there are certainly many experiences that the individual can draw on to write in their college essay. These can be accomplishments, accolades, or anything that sets the applicant apart from the rest of the applicant pool. While these are certainly great things to include in the essay, keeping a positive tone is as important as anything else.


Staying positive in a college essay helps the admissions committee recognize that you are they type of person who can have a positive attitude in the most difficult of circumstances. University course loads are difficult, strenuous, and time consuming and the admissions board wants to be sure that all admitted applicants will be able to handle that kind of work load. Writing in such a way to convey to those readers that you can keep your head up and stay positive throughout difficult situations is an absolute must in crafting a perfect college essay.

Keeping a positive tone does not mean that you have to side step any challenges or obstacles that you may have faced. On the contrary, applicants should absolutely display how they overcame such challenges. The difference lies in how these problems are addressed in the essay. Writing about challenges and adversities in order to make an excuse is entirely different than writing about obstacles that were extra hard to overcome. Applicants should explain the obstacle or challenge clearly and concisely, and then proceed to show what they did in order to overcome the challenge. This takes a negative and turns it into a positive.


All students have endured some sort of obstacle or challenge during high school or home life. The admissions board knows this and recognizes that no one is perfect. It is how these problems are addressed that makes all the difference. Taking some time to clearly explain how these problems made you stronger will make a huge difference in the overall tone of your essay.