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When writing your college application essay, it may seem tempting to simply write a list of your personal accomplishments in order to impress the admissions committee. While it is certainly important for you to display your talents and aptitude, the admissions essay is really more about letting the committee get to know you personally. They want to make sure that you will be able to add something to the university on a personal level, not just a checklist of accomplishments.


One way to do this is to come up with a creative way to detail your strengths through experiences. You should not only explain the things you have done and the accomplishments you have made, but try and convey what skills and attributes you have developed because of them. While it is great that you served on the presidency of a club, or volunteered at some blood drives, writing those alone is not sufficient; you should explain what these different experiences taught you and what skills or attributes you obtained from participating in them. Writing about personal experiences that set you a part from other applicants is also a good idea. Your essay doesn’t have to just be accomplishments, it can be filled with life experiences that have helped develop and shape who you are as a person.


The admissions committee wants to see a well-rounded student that has more than just good grades. They want to see real people who will leave their school as prime candidates for the work place. By helping to find your own voice in your essay, you will help the committee by letting them know who you are personally, rather than just a checklist of accomplishments.